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Precision Engineering

Cutting Speed and Feed - Its significance in Precision Machining of the metal components

The term " cutting speed, " as applied to machine tools, means the cutting performed by the tool edge, in a given time. Or the material cut by the tool in a given time, would measure if extended in a straight line. The term " feed, " as applied to a machine tool, means the thickness of the cut or shaving taken by the tool.

Planing machines being constructed so that their tables run at a given and unchangeable speed, their cutting speed is fixed. The operator has only, therefore , to consider the question of the amount of feed to be given to the tool at a cut. To make it happen the tool must be stout with it's work's the proportion. it's actual solidity will depend on certain things : 1, its strength In addition to 2nd fastening. Scenarios can determine how much close the cutting edge will be to the tool post.

With lathe together : speed In addition to feed : really are for considerable great importance. Using lathe the particular real proficiency with the turner occur because it needs very much variation. The turner have to be quite experienced with skills similar to judgement, his understanding of the job In addition to have a nice watchful eye. Speed & feed should be used with the excellent technique to accomplish the precision machining job. We might think that we have been executing outstanding machinig job. But in fact, the effort is not really excellent or even tool is not really being utilized accurately.

A light cut and also feed is important in these situations : 1 ) When ever round corner is required, TWO . Pretty sensitive and also light cuts, 3rd. When the component to be machined is very thin. So that the fastest speed can be utilized granted the tool appears it. If we wish to accomplish maximum volume job, we must utilize greatest tool feed prefer not to lathe speed.

Whenever rapid speed In addition to smaller feed is utilized, the work is accomplished very quickly for thin materials cuts. But it can be thoroughly inappropriate to evaluate based upon it entirely. On the higher cutting speed, the cutting tool is not going to tolerate the deeply cuts. In order to receive good quality, we need to decrease lathe speed & raise the depth of cut In addition to feed of the tool.